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Monofånarna (or Monophööls in English) is a marathon synth gazing band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 2011 and plays one gig per year regardless if it is needed or not.

The music is completly improvised, using mostly old analogue equipment.



Past events

3 March 2016

Synthaket — Haket, Göteborg (SE)

5 March 2015

Synthaket 4h 37m — Haket, Göteborg (SE)

19 August 2014

Mölndals stadsmuseum, Mölndal (SE)

27 February 2014

Synthaket 5h 31m — Haket, Göteborg (SE)

7 Mars 2013

Synthaket 5h 17m — Haket, Göteborg (SE)

1 Mars 2012

Synthaket 4h 49m — Haket, Göteborg (SE)

24 February 2011

Synthaket 3h 53m — Haket, Göteborg (SE)