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J.F.A., or Jag Föredrar Analt which is the full name, meaning something like I Prefere Anally, or Jej Foredrar Backeverts as they were called when performing in Norway, meaning something like I Prefere Backwards, but in fake Norweigan as neither Mongo or Kongo know Norweigan, was founded some time in the late eighties in Mölndal, which means something like Millervalley, just outside Göteborg, which means something like Goethes Castle or Stronghold, and nothing about goths although it's internationally known as Gothenburg.

To their own suprise, J.F.A. became somewhat of a local cult band during the early nineties with their freaked out mixture of electronic beats, punkish guitars, eardeafening junk, and lack of musical qualities. They performed at sold out, enormous venues in front of thousands of screaming fans (mostly young and beautiful girls) and won at least 200 prices of various kinds.

Eventually, they learned how to play. The band did not survive long after that.





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