Christian » Vocals, guitars
Sören » Keyboards, backing vocals
Olle » Bassguitar, backing vocals
Fredrik » Guitars
Anton » Drums
Chrille » Drums
Martin » Drums
Marcel » Bassguitar
Hanna » Drums
Steven » Vocals, guitars
+ a couple of others that didn't stay very long

Nancy was formed back in 1996, under the name Stoked, by Christian (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Steven (vocals & rhythm guitar) after having spent a year together in another band. They were joined by Hanna (drums) and Marcel (bassguitar). In spring 1997 keyboardist Sören joins the band for some live shows and soon become a regular member.

In autumn the same year Steven moves back to Wales and Christian takes over as lead singer. A year later, in 1998, Hanna leaves the band and she is soon followed by Marcel. After a few chaotic months, they are replaced by Olle (bassguitar) and Martin (drums). Two years and two demos later, Martin was replaced by Chrille (drums), and Fredrik was aquired as lead guitarist, allowing Christian to concentrate on the singing. In the last incarnation, Chrille was replaced by Anton.

Christian, Fredrik and Anton later reformed as The Sister Tracy Conspiracy Orchestra.


Past events


Sticky Fingers, Göteborg (SE)


Rocksjön, Jönköping (SE)


Excersishuset Heden, Göteborg (SE)