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Killing a hippie

In 1988 I ended up as vocalist in rock/punk band The Hippiekillers. Not very good, not very interseting - we were all new to the rock band thing - but I suppose it was an important stepping stone for us involved.

When I dropped out the remaining members reformed as Striker, and then again as Desecrator. That was the start of another part of music history, in which I wasn't involved.

Emetic days

Emetic spawned its fair deal of temporary projects. Actually, it all started when me and Andersson got together in 1988 and recorded a couple of tracks. No name, not exactly good or interesting, but a first step towards forming Emetic.

Of more interest was Metamorph, a industrial and experimental side project featuring me, Andersson and Kollberg. A guitar with some strings missing, vacuum cleaner, electric drill, abused electronics… Blended together into a chaotic mess.

Me and Kollberg also recorded some songs as Magsaft, primitive and monotonous electronic music with mostly humorous lyrics in Swedish. Then me and Göransson recorded some tracks as well, and then there was the one-track-only (although a pretty long track) Bulldozer which also featured Karlsson on guitar.

Me and my stuff

In 1989/1990 I got the idea to record songs using only my very limited Roland S-220 sampler, and only samples made in the room where I recorded. Again, mostly foolish lyrics in Swedish. The name simply was S-220 Project.

A little more serious approach to the concept of self-inflicted limitations appeared in 1993/1994, a set of songs only made with my analogue Tesico S-60f (and a multichannel tape, of course, but no sequenser this time). The concept was named Me & My Teisco, but some later recordings also featured the Teisco S-110f so a renaming to Me & My Teiscos was obvious.

Commissioned music

In around 1993 me and some friends were putting together a project studio, the idea was to produce commissioned music for living. Not a very stupid idea really, but we never pulled it through properly. Studio Waveform, as it was called, only produced a single radio commercial during its time. Ah, yes that's right, we were also commissioned to make music for a porno movie. But after working on it for some time, the producer decided to use a more traditional porn groove instead. We weren't that disappointed, really.

Then in 2005 I wrote a couple of themes and designed sound effects for a horror themed computer game demo. For the main theme I flirted with the old horror movie soundtrack sound, classical instruments (sampled, of course, but I would love to be able to actually score such things for real) with a dark and sinister theme. The game never left demo status.

Pump up the …

On a few occasions, me and Jimmy of Kopfer Kat have joined forces to produce distorted beat pump action, and we also performed at the club Shocks under the name Kopfwler. Quite suprisingly, the outcome do sound like a mixture of Kopfer Kat and Howler.

Terrorpanik was another thing, a friend who insisted that I could not produce modern ebm (hellektro, aggrotech, or what ever stupid name applies) and I tried to prove him wrong. One and a half song ever written.