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8 November 2014


Celebrating ten years of existence, label Progress Productions is about to release a compilation with most of the artist that have been released on the label. It includes the first studio recording release of Mr Jones Machine since I joined the band.

4 November 2014

Obviously, a new layout on this page. Better suited for mobiles, pads, and other wonders of technology. Some resources still needs to be converted to new format, but all the important stuff is already here!

9 October 2014

Live BoråsAdded another live recording by L. C. D. P. F. for download, this time from Rockborgen in Borås. The year was 1994.

8 October 2014

Synth 80-tal

Yes, the fuzz is real. Monofånarna will perform a second time this year, and a short set on top of that. A new challange.

The city museum of Mölndal (right outside Gotenburg) has an exhibition on "the eightees", and on 2014-10-19 the theme is Swedish Synth Music. There will also be talks by Bengt Rahm (author of "Den Svenska Synthen") and Marina Schiptjenko (Page, Vacuum and more). Here's the Facebook events on that.

3 October 2014

AmputateFinally added the one and only Body Dismorphys release for download.

1 February 2014


Yes — it's that time of year again.

The mandatory, yearly Monofånarna time. At Haket, as always. Pressing keys and turning knobs, as always. All night improvisation, as always. Rumour has it that some new gear will be present. Make sure to attend!

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