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1 December 2019

Dark seasons call for dark music. Let us celebrate the shadow. New recording with Howler.

5 October 2019

This time, Howler ended up on the drone/noise side of things.

8 September 2019

More cosy darkness by Howler.

13 June 2019

Kult: Divinity Lost

The Kult: Divinity Lost soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp as well as on the Helmgast webshop.

Three tracks by Howler, suitable as background music for game play but fully enjoyable in their own right.

22 April 2019

First Howler recording, ever. Kind of accidental; I was recording vocals for another project but the computer crashed. When re-opening the audio file, there was this strange, semi-rhythmic noise in it. I cut it into a couples of loops and layers, and used them as the foundation of this recording.

Released on album "Untitled Album" in 2003.

22 April 2019

Time for old sins; a track from the one and only Body Dismorphys release.

3 Mars 2019

New track by Interact available.

10 February 2019

This Interact recording have spent a year in the "almost complete" box, but I´m not getting anywhere with it. So here it is, as is.

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