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27 November 2018

Kult: Divinity Lost

Helmgast has now released the soundtrack for their highly acclaimed role-playing game Kult: Divinity Lost. It contains over three hours of dark ambiance and music suited for the atmosphere of the game.

Howler contributes with three previously unreleased tracks; "Imperio Sanguinis", "The Insentient" and "Inward, Infinite".

The digital album, as well as all other Kult: Divinity Lost products, can be bought at Helmgast´s webshop. Other artist include Atrium Carceri, Michael Idehall, Mechanoreceptor, Warfield, Mind.Divided, Second Escape, Zwaga, Occult Cow Demise, Tantrick Ape and Pandora's Black Book.

24 November 2018

Another manifestation of Howler.

12 October 2018

A convergence of different aspects of Howler. A conjunction of all there is and all that was.

31 August 2018

Another excursion into darker domains as Howler.

1 August 2018

In the aftermath of my Kult: Divinity Lost contributions, here’s another Howler piece gravitating towards dark ambient.

29 July 2018

Yet another Interact enters the world.

25 June 2018

The yearly performance of Monofånarna, in its MIDI-summer shape, went well. Why shouldn´t it? A small fraction of it ended up on youtube, for you to enjoy every day of the week.

18 Mars 2018

Sometimes strange things happen. My teenage output with J. F. A. is covered by Nordvargr on his upcoming album "Metempsychosis". The song is named "Livet Tar Slut" ("Life Ends") and was originally released on the "Censur" cassette in 1989.

Pre-order Nordvargr album from Cyclic Law, audio snippet found here.

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