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News / 2009

November 2009

A bunch of playlists added.

October 2009

New album with Howler is available and downloadable. Join the battle of the faceless tyrant.

Two dj-sets imminent: 2009.10.30 together with Magnus (Mr Jones Machine) at BodyBeat (the website is not updated, their Facebook group is more up to date). Expect various electronic and related alternative music. 2009.10.31 at Shocks vs Bassline Express, noise disco deluxe.

September 2009

At 2009.09.12, Aktion Atopos will perform at a private celebration. Invitations only.

New Howler album in the pipe, expected to be released this autumn.

Playlists for SyntHaket 4/6, SyntHaket 7" and SyntHaket BeNeLux added.

April 2009

Added audio archives for Awful Death, J. F. A. and L. C. D. P. F..

New Interact, album online, Innervoice. Available as archive and as separate tracks.

Playlist from IckeSyntHaket 2009.04.16 is up.

Added a module for my old pop/rock band Nancy, and added zipified downloads of entire albums for Howler and Interact.

On 2009.04.16, me and Helmstad will be in control of the turntables at SyntHaket, playing all those good things that normally isn't played at similar events.

Latest releases

Fragments .1

Howler — Fragments .1

2022 — 9 tracksBuy

Howler — Insurgence

2022 — 6 tracksBuy

Howler — Ukraina

2022 — CompilationBuy

Howler — Libertine/Encounters

2021 — 2 tracks

Howler — Incursion

2021 — 11 tracksBuy
Zusammenkunft II

Howler — Zusammenkunft II

2020 — CompilationBuy

Recent uploads

Live Borås

L. C. D. P. F. — Live Borås

1994 — 6 tracksDownload

Body Dismporhys — Amputate

2001 — 6 tracksDownload
Mortal Supply

Emetic — Mortal Supply

1989 — 12 tracksDownload

Emetic — Lobotomized

1991 — 12 tracksDownload